Hege Nilssen
Director of the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training
(Foto: Jannecke Sanne Normann)

The education mirror is an annual publication presenting statistics and analyses of kindergartens, primary and secondary education in Norway. It provides an up-to-date picture of figures and research on key issues surrounding these educational institutions.

Those of us tasked with developing and shaping today’s and tomorrow’s kindergartens, schools and vocational training programmes, need to learn more about the nature of these institutions. The Education Mirror offers an insight into significant trends in our area of work.

For example, you can learn more about the qualifications held by kindergarten staff, special educational needs provision, and about how much Norway spends on its kindergartens and schools. We also take a closer look at the many factors that impact well-being and learning, we investigate the reasons behind differences in completion rates and how newly qualified skilled workers fare in the labour market.

We receive increasing amounts of information from various sources; statistics, research and experience from professional practice. Most of us need help to sort all this information and to put individual fragments of knowledge into a wider context. We hope that The Education Mirror will help you to do just that.