7.5 Employment of newly qualified skilled workers

Definitions of education, employment and training

The “in employment” category does not distinguish between full-time and part-time employment, nor does it specify whether the work is relevant to the skilled worker in question. People who are “in education” may be pursuing higher education, vocational training or upper secondary education. People who are in employment or in education are both included in the category “in education or training” if they have been registered as being in fulltime education and in the category “in employment” Figure 7.10 Employment status as at November 2014 for if registered as being in part-time education.

We have learnt that most apprentices obtain a trade or journeyman’s certificate. We will now look at how many of them are in employment after completing their training period.

Apprentices on the Building and Construction programme are more likely to find employment immediately after completing their training

Employment rates are lowest among Services and Transport graduates at 66 per cent and highest for Building and Construction graduates at 84 per cent. 13 per cent of those who obtained a trade certificate in Services and Transport were not in education, employment or training within a year of obtaining their certificate. The equivalent figure for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme was 4 per cent.

Norway has a high rate of employment compared with other OECD countries. Norway (alongside Sweden) has the highest rate of employment among 25 to 34-year-olds who have completed a vocational upper secondary study programme. 89 per cent of graduates in this group are in employment compared with 79 per cent across the OECD (OECD 2015).

Figure 7.10 Employment status as at November 2014 for skilled workers who obtained their trade/journeyman’s certificates in 2013–14 – by candidate category. Per cent.


Source: Statistics Norway

Figure 7.11 Employment status as at November 2014 for apprentices/pupils who obtained their trade/journeyman’s certificates in 2013–14 – by study programme. Per cent.


Source: Statistics Norway