7.4 Completing the training period

1 out of 3 begins their training period in the year after they were enrolled on Vg2 level of a vocational study programme. In order to obtain a trade or journeyman’s certificate, the apprentices must complete their training period and pass the apprenticeship/journeyman’s examination.

4 out of 5 apprentices obtain trade certificates within 5 years

Many of those who complete a vocational study programme spend longer than the stipulated time frame completing their training period and obtaining their trade or journeyman’s certificate.

Half of all apprentices in the 2010 cohort had completed their apprenticeship or journeyman’s examination within two years. After three years the figure rises to 75 per cent before levelling off. 81 per cent had obtained a trade or journeyman’s certificate after five years.

Figure 7.8 Status of apprentices two to five years after starting their apprenticeship period. 2010 cohort. Per cent.


Source: Directorate for Education and Training

Electrical and Electronic Engineering has the highest completion rate

There are major differences between different study programmes in terms of how many pupils obtain trade certificates – and how quickly they obtain them. On the Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme, 91 per cent of pupils pass their trade or journeyman’s examination within five years, while in Design Arts and Crafts the figure is 65 per cent.

Figure 7.9 Apprentices who have obtained their trade certificates two to five years after starting their apprenticeship period – by study programme. 2010 cohort. Per cent.

Source: Directorate for Education and Training