5.2 Average point scores from compulsory education and final grades in Year 10

Average point scores from compulsory education

An average point score is calculated by adding up all the grades that appear on the pupil’s final diploma (coursework grades and exam grades) and then dividing the total by the number of individual grades. The average is then multiplied by a factor of 10. Pupils who have failed to obtain grades in more than half of the subjects are not included in the calculations.

The average point score from compulsory education has increased from 39.9 to 40.8 points in the last five years (see Figure 5.4). Several subjects have seen an improvement in coursework grades in the same period. On average, girls score 4.4 points higher than boys.

Poor exam results in maths in Year 10

The average grade in the written mathematics exam in Year 10 has decreased from 3.2 to 2.9 since the 2007-08 school year, which was the first cohort to sit the exam after the introduction of the Knowledge Promotion Reform. The proportion of pupils obtaining grade 1 in the maths exam rose from 2 to 15 per cent in the same period, while the proportion of pupils receiving grade 1 for coursework only increased from 2 to 3 per cent. By comparison, only 1 per cent of pupils received a grade 1 in the English and Norwegian (primary language form) exams in Year 10.

Figure 5.4 Average point scores by county. 2014–15.


Source: Directorate for Education and Training (Statistikkportalen)

Greatest differences between girls and boys in the Norwegian exam

On average, girls obtain higher grades than boys in virtually every subject in Year 10. This applies to both coursework grades and exam grades. The only subject boys receive higher grades than girls is in physical education. The greatest difference in written exam results is found in the subject of Norwegian (primary language form), see Figure 5.5. In maths and English there is little to distinguish boys and girls.

Figure 5.5 Written exam grades and coursework grades Year 10 by gender. 2014–15. Average.


Source: Directorate for Education and Training (Statistikkportalen)

Optional subject grades

Many pupils obtain high grades in their optional subjects (Figure 5.6). Between 80 and 92 per cent receive a grade 4 or higher. The highest average grades are obtained in the subject volunteering. Just over 80 per cent of pupils taking this subject are girls. Boys make up 82 per cent of pupils taking the optional subject technology in practice – the subject with the lowest average grade.

Figure 5.6 Coursework grades in optional subjects in Year 10. 2014–15. Average.


Source: Directorate for Education and Training (Statistikkportalen)