The cost of kindergartens, primary and secondary education


KOSTRA (Municipality-State-Reporting, Statistics Norway) collects and publishes statistics on what local authorities and county councils spend on kindergartens, primary and secondary education.

Education at a Glance is an annual report published by the OECD, providing information about compulsory and upper secondary education in OECD countries.

Every year Norway spends large sums on its kindergartens and schools. In 2015, we spent around NOK 150 billion. The largest proportion of money (NOK 65.2 billion) is spent on primary and lower secondary education. NOK 48.1 billion went to kindergartens, while NOK 37 billion was spent on upper secondary education and training. Norwegian kindergartens and schools are mostly publicly funded. However, parents contribute around 15 per cent of the cost of running kindergartens and more than 70 per cent of the cost of out-of-school schemes (SFO).