3.6 Personnel and qualifications

25,700 teachers currently work in public upper secondary schools. 53 per cent of them are female, but males are in a majority among older teachers. 57 per cent of teachers over the age of 55 are men (see Figure 3.5).

Few changes in teachers’ qualifications

In the past four years, there has been few changes in the level of education among teachers (Figure 3.6). More than half of all teachers hold undergraduate qualifications with a teaching qualification. The per cent of teachers holding postgraduate qualifications with a teaching qualification increased from 23 per cent 2011 to almost 26 per cent in 2014.

80 per cent of upper secondary school teachers hold a teaching qualification in addition to a university-level education. The per cent of teachers without a teaching qualification fell from 22 per cent in 2011 to 20 per cent in 2014.

Figure 3.5 Teachers employed in upper secondary by gender and age. 2014. Per cent.


Source: Statistics Norway

Figure 3.6 Teachers by level of education. 2011-2014. Per cent.


Source: Statistics Norway