2.8 Teachers’ qualifications

Applicants must hold a teaching qualification or other approved qualifications before they can take up permanent employment in a primary or lower secondary school. In addition, there are criteria regarding study credits in the subjects they teach.

5 per cent of teachers do not hold the required qualifications for employment. These teachers are employed either on a temporary basis or on the condition that they complete their teacher’s degree within a specified timeframe.

Many teachers do not meet the new criteria on study credits in the subjects they teach

Teachers of Norwegian, maths, English, Sami and Norwegian Sign Language must have obtained 30 study credits to teach at the primary level and 60 credits to teach at the lower secondary level.

Out of the 95 per cent of teachers who are qualified to be employed as teachers, many do not hold the necessary specific qualifications for the actual subjects they teach. 9,500 Norwegian teachers, 12,400 maths teachers and 11,300 English teachers do not have sufficient study credits to meet the qualifications criteria. This applies to 26 per cent of all Norwegian teachers, 38 per cent of maths teachers and 48 per cent of English teachers.

There are differences between the primary and lower secondary levels. The per cent of teachers who do not meet the qualifications criteria for teaching Norwegian and maths is higher at lower secondary level. For English, it is higher at primary level (see figure 2.10).

Figure 2.10 Teachers not having sufficient study credits for the subject they teach by subject and level. 2015-16. Per cent.


Source: Directorate for Education and Training