2.6 Out-of-school care

The local authority should provide out-of-school care (known as SFO) before and after ordinary school hours for pupils in Years 1–4 and for pupils with special needs in Years 1–7. The arrangements should provide care and supervision and offer the children opportunities for play, cultural and leisure activities. Almost 160,000 pupils attend SFO. 90,000 of them have a full-time SFO place. The proportion of children attending SFO has risen by 8 percentage points in the last decade, and 62 per cent of all pupils now attend SFO. The older the children become, the less they participate in SFO. 80 per cent of Year 1 pupils attend SFO, while in Year 4 the figure is 33 per cent (see Figure 2.8).

Figure 2.8 Pupils in grade 1-4 attending SFO by county. 2015. Per cent. Full


Source: Directorate for Education and Training