1.8 Transition from kindergarten to school

Collaborating with the school, the kindergarten should facilitate the children’s transition from kindergarten to Year 1 of school (The Framework Plan for the Content and Tasks of Kindergartens). It is common for kindergartens to run dedicated preschool groups. In-depth interviews have also revealed that kindergartens focus on social and language skills when preparing the children for school (Zambrana 2015, Rambøll 2010).

Recommended activities for succeeding with the transition from kindergarten to school

Following a research review, the Knowledge Centre for Education has recommended the following activities:

  • Cooperation between the kindergarten and the home:
    Professional cooperation between kindergarten teachers and school teachers. Exchange of information about the children. Facilitating partnership projects involving the kindergarten and the school.
  • Cooperation between the parents and the school:
    Open two-way dialogue with parents before, during and after the transition.
  • Measures that could be initiated by the kindergarten:
    Let the children familiarise themselves with the school. Establish a joint forum for information and discussion involving both kindergarten and school staff.
  • Measures that could be initiated by the school:
    Induction programmes. Clearly defined goals and expectations. Flexible and dynamic transition practices (the school must allow for the fact that the children need time to deal with the transition).

Source: Lillejord et al. 2015